We offer a variety of standard event services and solutions to make your event successful in every way. Our event services include the design and printing of Content Materials, the creation of Display Stands, and Online Promotion. We offer it for all types of corporate events like seminars and conferences, executive retreats and incentive programs, appreciation events, organization milestones, and product launch events, and events organized by individuals.

Content Materials



Flyers are key to make participants well aware of the event. So it requires to be attractive and easy to understand. We design and print flyers using cutting-edge tools, so it can look attractive and engage readers easily.


Business Cards

Business cards are essential to make participants get back to you even after the event to avail your services. So it needs to be professionals enough. We design and print business cards according to your specific taste. So it would be one of the key materials of your event.



Posters play a huge role in promoting any event. The posters we design and print are easy to apply on walls and doors. We use advanced technology to design posters, so it can attract target audience and bring them in to the event.



Display Stands

Any event is attached with the display stands. We create display stands for all sorts of corporate events. Our display stand services include designing and positioning of stands in the event location. The stands we create are easy to handle and come up with catchy look to attract audience.


LED Signs

We offer 3 varieties of LED signs and that include high resolution signs, medium resolution signs, and indoor LED signs. We use the finest material and lighting system available in the market to create high quality LED stands and enrich the beauty of your events.


3D Signs

The most recent technology are the 3D Signs. 3D signs are latest trend in today’s events. So if you want to enhance the richness of your event, you must need a well-designed 3D sign. We design 3D signs that would possess an ultimate halo effect. All 3D signs we create include state-of-the-art LED lighting effect.



We design canopies according to your specific requirement. We have experts in place to do it for you. The canopies we design give a special appearance to your event by being attractive.


Promotional Desk

Promotional desks are are an integral part of any corporate event. It acts as a first point of contact of the event. So it needs to be solid in look and style. At Omkar Print Lab, we design and deliver high quality promotional desks.


Event Promotion – Online

We promote your event on a variety of online channels, including social media, Google and through display advertising. So it could be easier for you to invite your targeted customers to your event.