CNC Routing

If you are looking for precise cutting on wood, aluminum or any solid surface sheet material, CNC route cutting is the best option to look for. This routing service is driven by a computerized program that can give the best outlook to your material without damaging it.
At Omkar Print Lab, we offer supreme standard solid surface CNC, yet affordable CNC router services across an array of wood, composite, plastic, acrylic, and solid surface sheet materials. We offer the service for a wide range of businesses across Bangalore. We use the most sophisticated router in the market to make perfect cuttings.

2D Cuts and Pockets

We offer 2D cutting and pocket milling services on acrylic, aluminum and wood materials. We make perfect and precise designs to enable high-quality finish and enrich the beauty of the material. We make it for furniture, signage and many other wooden and aluminum materials. Our common cutting tolerance is 0.2mm for wooden and aluminum materials.

3D Routing

In 3D Routing, we use 3-axis machines, which can effectively engrave and contour your designs onto any material for solid effect. Since the tool path is controlled by computer numeric control, one can expect to get perfectly finished designs.

CAD Drawings

Our well-versed programmers thoroughly test the program before final execution to deliver impeccable CAD drawings. We make CAD drawings that are perfect in finish. We have dedicated professionals to get your CAD drawing works. Get in touch with us today to avail affordable CNC routing and CAD drawing services in Bangalore.


Apart from CNC router cutting services, we also engrave highly intricate patterns. You can also choose the type of finishing you want according to your pattern and the cutter as well. Using routing service along with engraving helps you avoid scorch marks relating to laser engraving. Our experts help you do it all.

Molding and Edging

If you need help to add attractive angles to the sides of your material or to mold it, get in touch with us. We help you do it more precisely and beautifully. So you can expect to get the material with a richer finish.

Drilling and Countersinks

Our drilling experts can drill across a complete sheet or only at required points using advanced tools according to your requirements. We also add countersinks to hide screw heads for perfect finish.