Corporate Gifting

Why Corporate Gifting?


Would you like to delight your employees, clients and channel partners with exciting gifts? Do u need help to build your brand in your key business area? Then look no further than corporate gifting from Omkar Print Lab. We are a reliable company for corporate gift manufacturer in Bangalore. We help you create amazing corporate gifts.

Omkar Print Lab is a leading Corporate gifting company in Bangalore, India. Choose from photo coffee mug, Customized printed T-shirt, Jackets with logo, Customized glitter T-shirt, Custom laptop bags, Mementos, Trophies, Mobile cases with Logo, Wooden Desktop Gifts, Stone Printing, Promotional Caps, and so on. Every product customized to quality with your design and logo over an array of branding techniques like designing, printing!


Services We Offer:

Customized Mug Photo Printing

Photo Mug is one of the lovely gifts you can offer your employees or clients, so they can look at your brand every time they would like to have coffee. We design, and deliver customized photo mugs that are elegant in look and perfect in finish. Omkar Print Lab comes with a variety of Coffee Mugs, Magic Mugs, Beer Mugs, Inside color Mugs, Lovers Mugs, Full-colour Mugs, etc. 

Photo Printing on Coffee Mugs in Bangalore

Customized T-shirt Printing in Bangalore

Customized T-shirt Printing

Do you need help to create Customized T-shirt Printing for your sports team or business sales promotion or as a corporate gift? Do u like to demonstrate your brand as a modern era company through printed T-shirts as a uniform? Let us help you create Customized T-shirt Printing that is attractive in look and optimum in quality. Yes, a printed T-shirt is one of the desired corporate gifts employees would like to get. We help you in designing and printing it. You just pick the right t-shirt suiting the fluke and get smart with customized T-shirt. 

 Custom Jackets with Logo

We help corporate companies design and print Cusstome jackets with logo to offer their employees as a gift. We offer it at affordable cost ensuring superior quality on every jacket delivered. We offer it on windcheater jackets, Embroidered jacket mens, reversible jackets, and all other trending jackets.

Customized Jackets with Logo Printing in Bangalore

T-Shirt Printing in Bangalore

Customized Glitter T-shirt

If you want T-shirts that sparkle and enhance the richness of events that are organized during night, glitter T-shirts are the best T-shirts you can opt for. While printing, we make sure the glitter shines but does not flake off your shirt.

Custom Laptop Bags

A custom laptop bag with your logo is a brand ambassador of your company. It sparkles your presence everywhere your employees go. We help you get custom laptop bags with attractively printed logo on it. We offer from Nylon to canvas bags and Bulk laptop bags. Our specialist suggests some of the best bags for a corporate gift to suit your requirements. Omkar Print lab offers a wide range of Promotional laptop bags, Custom printed bag packs, Bag with logo print.

Customized Laptop Bags in Bengaluru

Customized Mementos and Trophies in Bangalore

Customized Mementos and Trophies

Need custom trophies to award best performing employees or who perform best in annual sports events? Need mementos to have a reminder of an event? If yes, get in touch with us. We get it done as u desire. Our in house fully expertise manufacturing unit along with 15 years of experience in manufacturing customized mementos and trophies make it quit for us to provide our clients with mementos, trophies, and collectibles as per their designs and ideas.

Wood Desk Accessories and Organizers

 Being a prominent business in this business We create and offer wood desk accessories and organizers for corporate companies at an affordable cost. And all the products are made with fine materials and utmost love and care. Our esteemed products are design with the highly advanced machinery along with top-grade inputs and tackles. Don’t huddle desk distract you from important work. Store your business cards, paper notes, staplers, paper clips and anything that confuse your office desk in this wooden desk organizer.

Wood Desk Accessories and Organizers in Bangalore

Customized Photo Printed Mobile Back Covers

Mobile cases with Photo

We design and print mobile cases with photos that delight your employees in every way. We offer it for all sorts of companies at an attractive price. Get in touch with us today to avail of it.

Stone Printing 

Out of many promotional products, one of the most papular product is Stone printing. Gifting a stone printing item is an unique way to impress your attention to any person on there special occasion like anniversary, birthday and marriage. We help you print on stone with photos, designs, text, or company logo. And it can be one of the best gifts you can give your employees.

Photo Printing on Stone in Bangalore

Promotional Caps in Bangalore

Promotional Caps

Are you going to organize an annual sports event? Looking for custom-built Promotional caps with your logo printed on it? If yes, let us create comfortable and attractive caps for you. We also create logos for other events. Custome caps get your brand seen in all types of weather!  Allow your marketing a chance to step up to the plate when you customize promotional caps with your logo.