Omkar Print Lab is a leading provider of packaging box manufacturing service in Bangalore for a variety of businesses and individual requirements. We manufacture packaging boxes of different sizes that possess a durable material and attractive look. The major packaging boxes we manufacture are gift boxes, paper boxes, carton boxes, and cardboard boxes.

Gift Box Manufacturers in Bangalore

Gift Box’s

Do you need help to design custom gift boxes? If yes, then Omkar Print Lab is the place for you. We design and manufacturer gift boxes that come with optimum quality, superior strength, and offer solid protection for your premiere gifts.

Whether it is the packaging of chocolates and any precious gift, we create beautiful gift boxes that are durable enough. Gift boxes are designed according to your specific requirements. We have expert designers and packaging specialists to manufacture your gift boxes. We offer gift boxes at a very affordable price.

Paper Bags

We manufacture paper bags in Bangalore with vast experience and expertise in this field. We design it following our in-house design guidelines that are one of the best in the industry so far. We also design according to customers’ specific requirements, offering excellent finishes and high durability.

Some types of paper bags we offer are laminated paper bags, food paper bags, and milk packaging bags. We offer custom-specific services for retail stores and pharmacies. Paper bags we manufacture are good enough in handling pressure, and they are biodegradable and tear-resistant as well.

Paper Bags Manufacturers in Bangalore

Carton Boxes Suppliers in Bangalore

Carton Boxes

Carton boxes also called corrugated boxes and are a preferred choice for the packaging of fruits & vegetables, pharmaceuticals, shoes, pesticides, pet bottles, and electronics products, etc. At Omkar Print Lab, we manufacture carton boxes with the highest quality that offer optimum durability. Your corrugated boxes are manufactured at an advanced manufacturing unit that is instilled with technically sophisticated machinery.

Why businesses prefer us for corrugated box manufacturing in Bangalore? We have expert carton box, manufacturing team. We have transparency in dealings. We deliver it on time.

Cardboard Boxes

We offer cardboard boxes of multiple sizes, including single, double and triple wall boxes. Single wall boxes are the ideal choice for general stocks and dispatch packing and that can easily hold up to 10kg. While double and triple wall boxes are perfect for heavy-duty applications and that can hold up to 30kg.

Why businesses choose Omkar Print Lab for cardboard box manufacturing? Cardboard boxes we create are rich in quality, easily biodegradable, moisture resistant and handle pressure at ease. Get in touch with us now.

Cardboard Boxes in Bangalore