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Diaries And Calendars Printing

Diaries And Calendars Printing is what we specialize in. We provide customized printing of these materials which are cost effective. We are able to do so since we have our own offset printing unit in Bangalore. Customized Diaries And Calendars Printing Customized diaries and calendars printing is a unique way to enhance the brand identity […]

Carton Boxes

Carton boxes are one of the great ways to convey the message of your brand. These boxes are known for their extremely simple designs and geometrical ideas. Corrugated boxes feature the use of expressive colors, clean lines and sharp angles, giving customers a preview of what the product represents. They are best used to carry […]

Carry bags

Carry bags have become a most integral part of our life now. Whether we buy groceries or vegetables, gift items or dresses, electronic items, or medicines, anything of that matter we need them. These bags are one of the best branding and marketing tools for businesses as it promotes brand recall. It can be incorporated […]

Gift Box

An attractive box filled with goodies is certain to be the perfect gift to anyone. This is best given to employees, customers and other delegates associated with your business. These gift boxes ensure to deliver warm wishes and is good to present as a corporate gift. Customizing these boxes gives a more personal touch to […]

Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is one of the best ways to build bonds with employees, clients or associates. You can choose from a wide range of gift items that best suits your requirement. Some of the popular choices are pens, mugs, sipper, laptop bags, t-shirts, calendar, diary etc. If you have ideas on corporate gifts, we can […]

Rigid Box

Boxes that are overlaid with printed material or decorated paper, leather and fabric are called a rigid box. They offer an excellent mix of product protection and elevate a luxurious look. These are generally custom created boxes and do not fold flat. These gift boxes are available in various structural formats. We can provide embossed, […]

Digital Printing

Omkar Print Lab is the expert and industry leader for digital printing in Bangalore. This is most popular today as it caters to the need of quick and easy printing without any hassles. The process makes it possible to print in short runs of any need. Digital printing assures consistency throughout the printing process and […]

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are the best ways of branding your business on the run. The vehicles can now be turned into business promotions and is a type of mobile advertising method. It is an effective way of promoting your business locally, as the vehicle carries the message across the city. This is also a budget friendly […]

Mono Carton

Mono Carton is used for packaging of products such as medicine, cosmetic products, food and much more. They work as a promotional custom product packaging for businesses. Companies prefer this type of packaging which gives a visual impact and includes branding of their products. Any form of designs can be used for mono carton boxes […]


Your business needs offline branding campaigns, tools and methods, which cannot be neglected. At Omkar we offer services like, printing of your marketing collaterals, name boards & led sign boards, wall graphics, vehicle graphics, frosted branding and many such products. We also ensure that this type of marketing methods are provided with cost effectiveness and […]