Paper Bags

Paper bags are environmentally friendly and generate no pollution owing to their reusable ability. Owing to this businesses and companies as well as customers are opting for this option for packaging and storage of products. They are an excellent replacement for plastic bags. Along with being environmentally friendly, paper bags help in saving a lot of energy. They are easy to dispose of and are biodegradable. Moreover, they do not choke marine life as plastic does. 

Paper Bags Design

While there are a variety of paper bags available in the market, they are also available in different sizes. Therefore it becomes quite hard for businesses to choose the bags which best suit their business requirement.  Some of the most popular ones are brown paper bags which are considered over white paper bags. Both have their benefits. However, your company logo will stand out when printed on a white bag. It also gives a cleaner and more appealing look than the brown ones. This is another form for packaging of products. Irrespective of the colour, it’s critical to check its durability and the paper used so that they are resistant to wear and tear.

Paper Bags for Gifting

Paper bags can be used for gifting as well. A stylish bag will make it look more elegant. You can now give the products of your choice presented in a beautiful bag. Corporate gifts for customers can be handed with elegant paper bags.

The choice of paper bags depends on the business you are in. If you own a restaurant and have to offer food takeaway, then bags with handles would be useful. However, if you have a grocery store, then the bags used should be able to hold heavy weight. If it’s for holding liquor, then the bags need to be stronger and merchandiser bags with elegant printing of logo and branding will work well for bookstores as well as boutiques.   

Sustainable Bags Printing

Omkar Print offers a huge collection of paper bags you can choose from based on their handles, thickness, colour, size, GSM weight and carrying capacity. It offers you ideas and expertise to customize these bags to the design and requirements of your choice. It has the expertise and experience of offering printing assistance on various items including paper bags.

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