Commercial Diary & Calendar Printing

Diaries And Calendars Printing is what we specialize in. We provide customized printing of these materials which are cost effective. We are able to do so since we have our own offset printing unit in Bangalore.

Customized Diaries And Calendars Printing

Customized diaries and calendars printing is a unique way to enhance the brand identity of the company.

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Diary Printing

We expertise in printing diary. At any point what makes a Diary interesting than different records! Without a doubt, it is the content.

We are truly outstanding in diary printing offering customized and innovative options. Diaries are well useful, giving information on official occasions, a schedule and other valuable data.

Diary printing can be an extraordinary way of helping individuals with recall. Might be it is an idea related to work, joting down at MOM or points for your tasks a Diary can fill different needs. That is the reason; diary printing has an exceptional spot. It is evergreen and well known among individuals from various different backgrounds. A Diary is helpful and simple to keep up with. Therefore numerous corporate workplaces and organizations disperse New Year journals to their representatives.

Since we have an in-house set up, we offer the best pricing structure and ensure that excellent quality material is provided.

Calendar Printing

Calendar Printing is a customized order that we undertake. There is a brand recall every time a customer, employee or client uses your calendar.

Calendar gifting has consistently been famous among corporate, entrepreneurs etc. Numerous organizations have approached to benefit from calendar printing to boost their identity. At Omkar print lab, you can demand for planned and customized calendars.

In the present exceptionally competitive business climate, an unique way of promoting materials empower you to stand apart from your competitors and provoke the curiosity of current and likely clients. The orders we receive are for unique and custom made calendar printing.

Print With Omkar Print Labs as we expertise in offset printing. Our Experts will track down the right answer for your custom printing project from a wide range of items and choices to make it look classy.

We guarantee to offer you the best pricing with extremely good quality prints.

For printing logo’s or messages on diaries and calendars reach out to us.


Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, diaries and calendars can be customized and branded with logo and message.

Diaries and calendars are not just limited to new employees. These items can enhance brand exposure by gifting them to clients, associates and the workforce.

Yes, you need to place a minimum order of 50 diaries.

Omkar Print Lab is the industry leader in printing. We assure that the best prices are met for your calendar 2022 printing requirement.

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