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Any form of award or trophy presented to an individual or an organisation should communicate quality and reflect the personality of the company, event or occasion. It should portray authenticity.

Reasons for awarding a custom trophy

A custom trophy is awarded to individuals in recognition of a specific victory, skill or achievement. It serves as token or authentic evidence for outstanding performance in a specific area. Custom trophies are often awarded for a sporting event or for achievement in an educational institution or in the workplace. Award trophies are also presented to individuals in recognition of their achievements in the corporate world. Custom trophies are also a part of the corporate gifting culture.

Types of award trophies

Award trophies are popular and designed in unique styles for specific events. For example, the Academy Award Oscar trophy is in the form of a human. Likewise, film awards trophies like FilmFare Award have a stylized lady. The Hugo Award is designed as a spaceship and Wimbledon trophies are of a loving cup for men and for women finalist, it’s a large silver plate. Likewise, for sports events, trophies are awarded for team or individual brilliance in sports. Many sports like boxing, wrestling, or martial arts have trophies designed in the form of a championship belt.

Omkar Print Lab has the expertise in offering you a complete array of trophies which can be customised for specific requirements. It is one of the latest trends where companies have started presenting trophies as part of their promotional strategies. These could be events to recognise employees, partners or customers. We can help in engraving your company logo or printing the details required on the base of the trophies.

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