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Rigid Box

Boxes that are overlaid with printed material or decorated paper, leather and fabric are called a rigid box. They offer an excellent mix of product protection and elevate a luxurious look. 

These are generally custom created boxes and do not fold flat. These boxes are available in various structural formats. We can provide embossed, spot uv, textured, foiling and other effects to the luxury rigid boxes. If you have any other product packaging concept in mind we can have it produced.

The rigid boxes convey a sense of prestige, luxury and elegance, while it is made visually appealing and structurally impressive. Any product that expresses magnificence can fit into this concept. These attractive boxes are generally not disposed of by the customer, thus making a room for a brand recall. They imply a sense of gift box.

Rigid boxes are usually stiff and do not require assembly, unlike the mono carton. The thickness of this product packaging is generally between 1.5mm to 3mm. Since they are custom made we can also produce them with a tailored thickness. We can have them produced with a minimum of 100 boxes in one go.